Missouri Legislature Approves Late-Term Abortion Bill

Yesterday, the Missouri state legislature gave its final approval to a bill that criminalizes abortions after twenty weeks if it's shown that the fetus is developed enough to survive outside the uterus.

If signed into law, the bill would provide stiff penalties for doctors who perform the newly-prohibited procedures -- a year in jail, suspension or revocation of their medical license, and fines of up to $50,000.

In order to perform an abortion after twenty weeks, a doctor must either prove that the mother's life is in danger, or certify that the fetus is not not viable. Proof of viability would include tests to determine the gestational age, weight and lung capacity of the fetus.

The doctor also needs a second doctor to sign off on findings of viability. And if the fetus is not viable, they have to report the abortion and their proof of their findings to the State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts.

The bill passed in the Missouri Senate last month, 27-5. It passed in the Missouri House yesterday, 121-33. The next stop is on the desk of Gov. Jay Nixon. Any veto seems ripe for an override, considering the margins by which the bill passed.

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my question is, why 20 weeks/ and why all the hoops to prove that one needs an abortion? what good will this law do? at what point are the tests done? how long do they take? After the fact is pointless (the abortion has alreadly been performed) and before the fact precious time is wasted on pointless procedures. who is going to pay for these procedures/tests? They don't want insurance to cover it.  assholes. Pointless legislation irritates me.

They need to spend their time and resources protecting the children who are actually people. Give them a chance at having a fulfilling life. you know, full of love and the things that make life worth living. a chance at education. that kind of stuff.


When the Rethuglicans get abortion completely outlawed then the religious nuts will have to begin to ask themselves why do I support the party of the rich, big oil and corporations that want to disolve Medicare for me and my kids, strangle Medicaid that my poor sister-in-law depends on to treat her diabetes and do away with Social Security that my poorer relatives may wind up depending on.  Yes the party of "Saved by Jesus" just watches as their friends on Hate Radio and TV lie to them and to the world to keep them misinformed and fooled.


the sharia law these nitwits are terrified of would be virtually redundant at this point


the truth is that a lot of these people wouldn't be satisfied with completely outlawing abortion--they're against contraception too. they don't give a shit about innocent lives--they just hate sex and hate women

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