Murder Vigil Disrupted By Gunfire, Attendee Struck By Camaro

A vigil honoring Michael Pankins, a 24-year-old man from north county shot dead Sunday in north St. Louis, turned violent yesterday evening.

Thumbnail image for thekla and riverview.jpg
The scene of last night's shooting at Thekla and Riverview.
According to police, a crowd was holding a candlelight vigil around 8 p.m. Wednesday in north St. Louis at Riverview and Thekla (near where Pankins was shot) when two Chevrolet Camaros began circling the scene. Witnesses told police that someone attending the vigil then started shooting at the cars and all hell broke loose as people scattered to get away from the gunfire.

A report last night on the TV news showed sandals in the street where people literally jumped out of their shoes to get away.

One of the vigil attendees -- described only as a 21-year-old black female -- didn't escape. She was struck by one of the Camaros and and is listed in critical condition. Police say they located two subjects inside the car and questioned them without making and arrest. Another person inside the car is wanted for additional questioning. Fortunately, no one was injured as a result of the gunfire. An investigation is ongoing.

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Okay well first off people shouldnt write stories if they dony know watd happened nd wasnt there..first off no one in da crowd begin shootin until shoots was fired at them nd no she wasnt hit or ran over more than once..nd no they was not tryna finished anything we did not kno those people ...nd I kno cusz I was there..smh ..da lies people tell nd write!!!

...It's Sad...
...It's Sad...

Sad though, this isn't the whole story. The people in the camaros were looking for other family members to finish what they of the people in the car killed the victim they were holding to vigil for....the girl struck was the victims brother. The driver backed over her, and then hit her again before pulling off. She died. It's getting worse and worse. When will the killing end?


Sounds like the people driving the cars were just being dicks. No reason to shoot at them. You should be required to pass an IQ test before buying a gun, because some people are just too stupid to own one.


actuayl the girl that was hit was mike p sister. they did not run her over mre den once she was hospitalized, and brain dead her family decide to pull the plug on her bc they didnt have the type of money to keep her on the machine. these to victims mike p. and his lil sis cookie were my close friend wurk siblings he lost his brother and sister with in 4 days. R.I.P MIKE P. & Cookie

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