70-Year-Old Woman Gives Burglar a Beat-Down

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Bring it, punks.
Step to grandma, scoundrels and thieves, and she will Eff. You. Up.

As told today by the Belleville News-Democrat: A  couple of old ladies returned home in Fairview Heights when they realized there was a burglary in progress. One took out her cell phone and called 911. But the crook emerged and tried to snatch it out of her hand.

That's when the other old lady started to pound on that stupid punk with her cane -- so much so that he ran away! 

Suspect was described as
a black man in his 20s, 5-foot-7-inches tall and about 160 pounds. He was driving a silver four-door vehicle believed to be a Ford Taurus with a temporary Illinois tag
Call Fairview Heights Police Department at 489-2100 with any info.

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Gotta love the old ladies!


Fast Forward: After combing thru a list of thugs matching the description of the perp, estimated to be 14,000, the Belleville PD made an arrest. But before he could post bond, the sleazeist ambulance chasers in the metro area, Brown & Croppen, dashed to the jail to represent the thug. They filed a personal injury claim againt Dear Granny for striking an unarmed man with a deadly weapon that subsequently made him impotent and unable to have sexual relations with his "ho." They seek $10M for pain and suffering and $50M in punative damages. If they win the suit and collect the money, the thug will end up with $275.47 after fees and expensed are deducted. I'd give Granny a hug for her heroism. GO GRANNY GO!!

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