Obama Kills Osama! President OK's Raid That Kills al-Qaida Leader

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Osama bin Laden died yesterday following a U.S. raid in Pakistan.
Well, that only took 3,519 days.

What began on September 11, 2001, and grew to become the biggest manhunt ever known to mankind ended yesterday in a suburban compound deep inside Pakistan. That's where an elite team of U.S. military cornered and killed Osama bin Laden after descending from helicopters into his heavily armed fortress surrounded by walls 12 to 18 feet high.

Poll: Is the world safer without Osama bin Laden?

According to reports, bin Laden picked up a weapon and fired on U.S. forces before being shot to death. Four other people were killed in the raid, including a son of bin Laden, two male couriers and a woman who was reportedly used as a shield in the firefight. No U.S. personnel were killed.

The body of bin Laden was buried at sea in an effort to discourage a shrine being built in his honor. United States intelligence first learned of the compound outside of Islamabad as far back as August and suspected that it could be used by bin Laden. Beginning in March, President Barack Obama began meeting with the National Security Council to outline a plan to raid the property with Obama giving the final order on Friday.

Pakistani officials reportedly cooperated with the U.S. military on the raid, though what his capture will mean to relations between the two countries remains to be determined. Pakistan has long denied that bin Laden has used its country as a base.

The U.S. reportedly discovered bin Laden's whereabouts by following the couriers who detainees had told them were very close to the al-Qaida leader and alleged mastermind behind the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

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One more thing: Thank God bin Laden was killed. If captured alive, our pansy-ass president would have brought him to the US where he would be given the same constitutional rights as all US citizens. Then the weak-kneed bleeding-heart Atty. General Eric Holder would demand a civilian trial, rather than trying bin Laden in military tribunal, where all terrorists belong. God forever bless the Navy Seal who shot the son of a bitch in the head. I'm sure by now bin Laden is frolicking in heaven with his 70 virgins. May they give him a good dose of the clap!


The thanks for locating bin Laden goes to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and to the interrogation techniques used by the CIA and our military. KSM, after being waterboarded, provided the name of the courier used by bin Laden which ultimately led to the location of bin Laden's whereabouts. And many thanks to President George W. Bush for permitting the CIA to waterboard KSM. Polls taken by the National Review, Rasmussen and CNN show that 69% of Americans support waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques when our nationsl security is in danger. There will always be the bleeding-heart liberals, ACLU activists and fringe kooks who have great disdain for our policies regarding enhanced interrogation of terrorists, but the majority of Americans suport the CIA and our military specialists who keep us safe, regardless of what it takes to do so. President Bush was demonized for allowing waterboarding. In hindsight he did the right thing. America is safer because of the anti-terrorist policies his administration put in place. And the world is a much better place without the most evil man of our time. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

The REAL Kitty
The REAL Kitty

did you read the news? obama was the one who gave the final order to kill him, thereby accomplishing what bush never could. also, osama's death won't magically end the ongoing struggles in the middle east, but we all knew that anyway.

maybe as a reward for KSM, we'll clean out his cage and feed him something! :D


right, the guy who focused on afghanistan and pakistan--where bin laden was--is a pansy, and the guy who occupied iraq deserves all the credit

it's frightening how stupid people like you are


Actually, he revealed the information under standard interrogation, not waterboarding. Creep.


yeah, we spent trillions, killed hundreds of thousands of people, and showed utter contempt for the civil liberties that represent the best of this society, but it's all worth it because after a decade some irrelevant bearded dbag is dead. this is a meaningless non-event

the majority of americans are morons. fuck the cia--they've trained more terrorists than anyone

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