Rico Paul: Teen Charged with Killing Good Samaritan Has Multiple Priors

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Paul, 18, has several prior brushes with the law.
The St. Louis Circuit Attorney's office today charged 18-year-old Rico R. Paul with first-degree murder in the shooting Monday night of Paul Reiter.

Police believe that Reiter was killed when he interrupted a burglary at his neighbor's home in the 5000 block of Idaho.

In addition to the murder charges, Paul is charged with armed-criminal action and attempted burglary. He's being held without bond. Paul lives in the 3500 block of Bamburger -- about two miles north of Reiter's neighborhood.

Court records show that Paul pleaded guilty in St. Louis Circuit Court last October to a felony robbery charge and misdemeanor assault charge. He received a three-year suspended sentence for the robbery and 180 days in jail for the assault. He must have gotten out early, though, because in April he was charged with another crime: misdemeanor theft of an item less than $500. That case remains open in St. Louis Circuit Court.

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His robbery charge was from walgreens on grand and gravois and his assault charge was on a manager from the store stopping him and he grabbed the manager and ripped his tie off of his neck. Rico got away and gave the stolen merchandise to a friend and then came back to the store to fight the manager again.

Yates Street
Yates Street

As long as our judges continue to suspend sentences for violent crime offenders, these offenders will continue to escalate their crimes. Seriously, Judge, what the fuck is wrong with you? This is a person who's robbed someone, a person who's completely fine with walking up to an innocent stranger and threatening their life unless they give up their belongings. What possible fucking reason could you have to take a person who's willing to do that, and go, "Oh, well, he doesn't need to serve a sentence, let's suspend it"? Judge, if you hadn't shirked your responsibility to JAIL PEOPLE THAT COMMIT VIOLENT CRIMES, this filth would've been locked away, and a college student would have his dad alive right now.


Enough about this guy, lets talk more about those destructive WHITE ANARCHISTS!!!

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