Comment of the Day: Bible Thumpers Grow Up

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Today's comment comes in response to a post about how a Catholic diocese in Illinois is choosing to end its adoption and foster care program out of concern that it could be required to place children with gay parents now that Illinois allows homosexuals to commit to civil unions.

Reader SMDrPepper couldn't help but see some hypocrisy in that.
Okay, bible thumpers need to grow up. Your pro life and insist that all babies need to be born yet refuse to allow a group of people willing to adopt to actually adopt. So wrong on many levels.

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True Bible Thumper
True Bible Thumper

The sad truth about the new legislation is that it forces the Catholic Church to do something that is full against her teachings and belief's, and in this the church will not budge in what is taught through BOTH sacred tradition and sacred scripture.


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SMDrPepper, How can You get Bible thumpers and Catholics  confused?Catholics follow the teaching of the church, Bible thumpers, by definition, the Bible.


Actually, the Church can continue to do what they want; they can no longer do it with the help of the Illinois taxpayer. Their choice was entirely their own, and they should acknowledge that instead of blaming the state for refusing to recognize the legitimacy of their discrimination. 

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