Swinger Destination Club 7 to Shut Down

​St. Louis's swinger set is now officially in search of another love shack.

David Hunn of the Post-Dispatch reports today that Red 7 has been stripped of its liquor license in the aftermath of a police sting earlier this month, when cops posing as swingers attended one of the club's "couple's only" nights and caught the patrons with their pants down. (According to the city investigation report, oral sex was being enjoyed by at least a few patrons.)

Indeed, the raid was a blow to owners, who'd violated the city's "lewd and indecent conduct" ordinance by allowing orgies to take place inside. Now, without a liquor license -- or willingness to fight the city in court -- the owners have no choice but to close up shop.

In a statement sent to the P-D, co-owner Jeff Loenigs said: "The Owners of The Red 7 take full responsibility for the recent situation and apologize for putting those around us in an uncomfortable position...We used poor judgment in allowing this group into our schedule and it has cost us dearly."

The Dionysian destination, formerly (and prophetically?) called "Rock Star," is located on South Broadway, at the city's southern-most tip. The club wasn't exclusively used for orgies; the night of the raid, the club was hosting an event sponsored by a group called St. Louis Adult Connections.

By agreeing to hand over its liquor license in lieu of a court battle, the owners now retain the right to apply for a license to operate a non-X-rated club in another building.

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