St. Louis Police Get Two German Shepherds Courtesy of Foundation

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A fine police dog at work. (Yes, we'll use any excuse to run this photo.)
The St. Louis department is the recipient of two new police dogs courtesy of the St. Louis Police Foundation.

The foundation officially donated the German Shepherds today at a news conference at police headquarters. Since its inception in 2007 the St. Louis Police Foundation has raised more than $1.2 million to fund items not covered by the police department budget, including sniper rifles, ATVs, dashboard cameras and Clyde, a horse for the mounted patrol.

And while the new canines might not be as cool as sniper rifles, they do have really cool names. Dragon is a 15-month-old male that specializes in searching for explosives. Hondo is a two-year-old male skilled at recovering narcotics.

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synovi chews
synovi chews

German Shepherds are instinctive of their packs and are more protective of their family--in this case, your family. Male shepherds are more territorial and protective of their surroundings. Females are more affectionate to her owner and the other family members she lives with.


I hope that worthless narc Hondo gets run over by a truck.

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