UPDATE: Win Tickets to Tonight's Cardinals Game

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Update 1:15 p.m. And we have a winner! Congrats Jeff Lange for your entry "Three Bag Stan." Send me an email and we'll make sure you get the tix.

Thanks everyone for playing. Nkuhlmann: Your entry was good but reminded us too much of the whole "Stand for Stan" campaign. Then again, perhaps that was your intent. Douche McGhee: Yeah, you just didn't have your "A" game today.

Frankly, I'm a little disappointed no one came up with the "Red Blazer" in a nod to Musial's speed around the base paths and his clothing attire later in life. Oh well.

Original post follows...

George Vecsey, author of the new biography on Stan Musial, admonished Daily RFT yesterday for not knowing how the legendary Cardinals' player got his nickname of "Stan the Man."

Today we're tossing out a new challenge to you. Let's assume that Musial never earned the nom de guerre of "Stan the Man." Can you come up with an alternative nickname for Musial?

Person with the best suggestion wins two tickets to tonight's Cardinals game. (They're good seats, too.)

Leave your answer in the comment section below and we'll announce the winner by 1 p.m.

One caveat: You need to pick the tickets up from the RFT office (in the Delmar Loop above the Tivoli Theatre) by 5 p.m. today.

Thanks and good luck.

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No-Lose-ial Musial

I don't want the tickets, I just wanted to contribute.

Jeff J Lange
Jeff J Lange

3 Bag Stan Cause he always hit triples...


Stan "Amazingly Amusing" Musial.

I'm tired so that's all I got

douchemcgee at sbcglobal dot net ;)


"Stand-Up Stan" - cause he was always getting the fans outta their seats with his amazing hits & defensive plays. Truely an all-around guy, it also stands for the person he was off the dimond.


email address is nkuhlmann@sbcglobal.net - thanks


"The Pole Hitter." You know, cause he's Polish and all and it's a play on the term pull hitter. On second thought, this nickname has a good chance of being wildly misinterpreted. Never mind. Fail.

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