Subterranean Books Lives!

Jennifer Silverberg
Subterranean's owner Kelly von Plonski
​If you've been following our coverage of Subterranean Books, you may recall that owner Kelly von Plonski was planning to decide in June whether her store would remain open.

And the answer is yes!

"Sales have really improved since January," von Plonksi told Daily RFT.

There will, however, be some changes.

"We're still looking to move," von Plonski says. "I'm vacillating about whether I can afford the high rent [at the store's current location in the Delmar Loop]. Right now I'm looking at Maplewood and South Grand."

In other book "news," Amazon recently ranked St. Louis as seventeenth on its list of "best-read cities." That doesn't mean a larger-than-average number of St. Louisans have gotten through Harold Bloom's list of Great Books or even a combination of Esquire's 75 Books Every Man Should Read and the offerings from Oprah's Book Club (RIP).

Nope. What it means is that St. Louis is the seventeenth most-proficient city in America when it comes to ordering books off Amazon.

Next order of business now that Subterranean is sticking around: Let's get off that damned Amazon list altogether.

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Subterranean is my favorite bookstore in the history of history and Kelly is a sweetheart. I love The Loop, but I won't be mad at all if they move to the south side.


South Grand all the way!  Since Dunaway is mostly used/rare, it'd be great to have a new bookstore too.  First chance my girlfriend & I get, South Grand is where we're moving.


please south grand, the city doesn't need retail leaving.


A new location might be beneficial, but I'll miss the heady aroma of the old place. Glad to hear that they'll survive.

Carl Hess
Carl Hess

South Grand would be a great location, but if Subterranean moved to Maplewood it wouldn't be retail leaving the city because U-City /= St. Louis.

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