Todd Akin Barfs Up Rockwellian Metaphors in U.S. Senate Campaign Video

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Warning: The following video should be viewed in immediate vicinity of a toilet or lined trash receptacle.
If you haven't heard, Missouri Congressman Todd Akin announced today that he's running for Senate. In so doing, Akin released the following video, which is so chock-full of Norman-Rockwell-like metaphors of American wholesomeness, we don't know where to begin.

Pictures of the Founding Fathers, Constitution, U.S. flag and the Bible (all within the first nine seconds)? Check. Cute, white all-American family? Check. Manufacturing and farming scenes? Check. Dark, scary photo of Obama and Pelosi? Check. More American flags? Check. Photos with vets? Check. Ridiculous B-roll of Akin looking hard at work? Check. Not-so-subtle picture of man and women defending marriage? Check. Token minority? Check.

We especially love how Akin is at the train station to greet his son returning from military duty overseas. Is this 2011 or 1945?

Also, do you think Akin's staff notified the makers of Celebrex, Flomax, Viagra and Lipitor before stealing their actors for this video?

H/T to a friendly source who sent us the video with a running commentary.

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