Torn Rotator Cuff? There's a Workshop for That

One good way to prevent sports injuries: Opt for table tennis instead of bullfighting.
​In most sports, injuries are, well, parfor the course. Tonight, Saint Louis University Hospital's Dr. Adnan Cutuk will explain how to turn your tennis shoulder into a normal shoulder again, in addition to tackling other common sports injuries and how to both fix them and prevent them from happening altogether. The Throwing Injury Workshop -- both 100 percent free and open to the public -- will take place at the Holiday Inn at 6921 Lindbergh Boulevard from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

Cutuk, who works in sports medicine and shoulder surgery services, will address questions from audience members.

Tonight's is the first in a series of fourteen planned sessions. Future workshops will cover other themes, including running injuries and family practice. (Note: Wearing a mouth guard just isn't enough.)

"We're planning to address a different type of injury based on what the public is interested in at that time," Cutuk says. "As the sports seasons change, we can adjust that."

The workshop is sponsored by SLUCare Sports Medicine Services.

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