How to Lose Friends and Injure People

Greene County Sheriff
Nobody throws Chad R. Johnson out of a party and walks away intact.
On Wednesday night, Chad R. Johnson got kicked out of a house party down in Springfield.

The 22-year-old had been acting "disruptive," according to The News-Leader.

So he left.

But then he came back. With his car.

And he floored it toward some dudes standing outside the house, causing a couple of them to roll onto his hood. 

Then at another point, he apparently backed up real fast, sending a third guy "flying into the grass." 

He was arrested for assault soon thereafter, and admitted to his deeds.

For all you young people having barbecues on this lovely weekend, just remember: If you kick somebody out for causing a ruckus, take his or her keys and make 'em walk home. You wouldn't want to get "Johnsoned."

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