Poll: Which New FDA Cigarette Warning is Most Disgusting?

zipper chest.jpg
A warning we like to call "Ol' Zipper Chest."
If you haven't heard yet, yesterday the FDA announced new health warnings that will cover approximately half of all cigarette packaging beginning in September 2012. The warnings range from the emotional -- images of babies surrounded by smoke and people reacting to news they have cancer -- to the downright gory, all designed to scare smokers into quitting.

So, tell us, which of the following from the "gory" category do you find to be most disgusting? Take a gander -- and cast your vote -- below!

smoking lung.jpg
1. Speckled black lung

smoking mouth cancer.jpg
2. Canker sore from hell.

zipper chest.jpg
3. Ol' zipper chest.

smoking tracheotomy.jpg
4. Ment-hole lights.

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