Horrible Lady Steals Foul Ball from Kid at Cards Game

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UPDATED: With egg on my face. This was not, in fact, at a Cards game. It was an Astros/Diamondbacks matchup. Still awful, though.

And now, for the worst thing floating around the Intertubes today. This footage was taken in Houston at last night's meeting between the Astros and Cardinals. Oof.

She just seals her own horribleness with the high-five at the end, doncha think? Poor lil ginger.

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Vincent Margott
Vincent Margott

How horrible!If she would have gotten it first I would have agreed with you but she literally pulls the ball from the kid's chest. She had her shot and blew it. If it was two male adults, no way someone pulls that same stunt.


what awful baseball etiquette. also, i think this was an arizona at houston game, not st. louis. because reports say d'backs announcers (yes, the visiting team -- daron sutton & mark grace) ended up going down and giving that girl a signed baseball.

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