Girls Gone Wild Seeks to Block New Trial of Woman Exposed in Film

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Jane Doe "playing" to the GGW camera seconds before an acquaintance pulled down her top.
Mantra Films, the company behind the Girls Gone Wild series of DVDs, has filed a motion with the Missouri Court of Appeals in an effort to block a new trial for a St. Charles woman who appeared in one of its films.

Last summer a St. Louis jury oversaw a trial in which the woman -- identified only as Jane Doe -- sued Mantra Films for $5 million in damages on claims that she did not consent to being in its DVD titled, Girls Gone Wild Sorority Orgy, filmed in a Laclede Landing bar in 2004 when Doe was 20 years old. In the film, Doe is dancing in front of the camera when a female acquaintance pulls down her shirt revealing her breast.

The St. Louis jury found Doe's claims lacked merit, with Doe "playing to the camera" and dancing suggestively before being exposed. Then, three months after jurors issued their ruling, the judge in the case overturned the verdict, arguing that the majority female jury ignored the weight of the evidence. Judge John Riley called for a new trial.

It's that new trial that Mantra's attorneys are fighting. Meanwhile, Jane Doe's attorney tells the Post-Dispatch that he's not surprised by Mantra's motion and expects the appeals court to make a ruling on the motion in a mere five to six months.

FWIW: Jane Doe appears in the film for about 20 seconds of which her breasts are exposed for about two seconds.

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