Gunfire Strikes University City -- Again

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For the third time in the past month, gunfire has disrupted innocent lives in University City.

The latest incident occurred Wednesday night when unknown gunmen exchanged as many as twenty shots in the University Commons apartment complex in the 1400 block of North Drive (below).

university commons.jpg
The gunfire left cars in the parking lot riddled with bullet holes and sent some shots into the exterior walls of the apartment building. And it reportedly occurred while it was still light out, between 7:30 and 8 p.m.

No one was injured in the gunfire, but residents wonder how long it will be until an innocent person is shot. Similar gunfire erupted in the apartment complex on May 23, leaving bullet holes in the siding.

Just down the street -- at Midland and Vernon -- an off-duty St. Louis paramedic was shot multiple times June 8 when he stepped into crossfire in the parking lot of the the Classic Coin Laundry. At least a dozen shots were fired in that incident.

This morning, Captain Michael Ransom of the University Police Department tells Daily RFT that officers are working leads into both shootings at the University Commons apartment complex. Ransom says there's no known connection between the shootings there and the shooting outside the coin laundry.

"This has been unusual," Ransom says of the three shootings in the past month all within blocks of each other. "We're beefing up patrols and have detectives working the cases."

Asked whether the gunman are believed to be from U. City or from outside the municipality, Ransom answered: "A little bit of both." 

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your mom's mom
your mom's mom

As usual, the RFT/Chad is fear mongering once again.  When you say "just down the street", do you mean "on the complete opposite side of the loop in university heights, at least 2 neighborhoods and a mile apart"?  These two parts of U City have absolutely nothing in common, except that they're both located near Vernon.  It's like trying to connect a shooting in The Grove and The Hill just because they're both near Kingshighway.  In both instances, they're two distinct neighborhoods with little to nothing in common.

I know it's convenient for lazy reporters like you to just tie everything bad that happens together to push copy, but smart readers like me know to ignore this hyped up bullshit and see this for what it was: A targeted shooting on the far edges of the 3rd largest municipality in St. Louis County.  There's more than 1 neighborhood in U City, Chad.  Get out of the office once in a while and explore your own community.


It's gotta be those white anarchists causing trouble again...when will they learn??


Maybe you should call Westboro to help you protest at that horse's funeral.


Westboro kicked me out for being too ignorant.

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