Help Name Saint Louis Zoo's Baby Elephant

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zoo baby elephant 3.jpg
The baby yet to be named.
The five most popular names for girls born in the United States last year were (in order from No. 1 to No. 5): Isabella, Sophia, Emma, Olivia and Ava.

None of those names are among the four choices the Saint Louis Zoo is considering for the name of its new baby elephant. The zoo's choices are somewhat more exotic: Zoe, Kenzi, Mya and June.

FWIW: Below is how the zoo's four choices rank in popularity according to the Social Security Agency's list of female baby names in 2010.

Zoe: No. 31
Kenzi: Did not appear among the 1,000 most popular names
Mya: No. 101 (alternatively, Mia ranked No. 10)
June: No. 597

Which do you like best? Head over to the zoo's website and cast your vote.

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Name it "Latent St. Louis Racism" and keep it in an enclosed room.

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