Jacque Sue Waller: Mother Goes Missing; Estranged Husband Investigated

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Police Handout
Jacque Sue Waller; mother of triplets missing since Wednesday.
She's been missing since last Wednesday. Her car, a blue Honda Pilot, was later discovered abandoned along Interstate 55 near Jackson, Missouri.

Jacque Sue Waller, is the 39-year-old mother of triplets who friends say would never leave her children without notice. For the past several weeks she'd been separated from her husband, Clay Waller, and was reportedly planning to file for divorce. The couple had been living in Jackson. More recently, Waller was staying in Ste. Genevieve.

"I know she would never leave her kids. Ever. They were her life, they were her reason for living," said friend Amy King. "They were the reason for staying in that marriage for so long."

Now the Major Case Squad is investigating Waller's disappearance, and they suspect foul play.

Yesterday the agency said that it has a "person of interest" in the case but wouldn't release the name. That said, all signs point toward the estranged husband, who happens to be a former Cape Girardeau County sheriff's deputy.

Authorities believe a boat owned by Waller played a role in his wife's disappearance. They've also searched his pickup truck and a pond located on the property where he's been staying since his separation from Jacque Sue Waller.

More information as it becomes available.

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lisa  morrow
lisa morrow

She left him because of domestic abuse. He told her if she divorced him that would be her death sentence.

cecil duncan
cecil duncan

ya   if he did that hes probally one the been kid napping kids up there in dat area its time to change laws when it started things were different  things are different now these things we do  good are bad are protected by them when they or we decide to change them are to them they do to bennifit them they dont change them we do  our children our family our friends our enemies its just a game of what the people let THEM DO  what are they without us


It is funny how no one is saying why she got separated. 


Thank you Chad for writing this--your support is appreciated!   Jacque is a lovely woman and we are all hoping for her return soon! 


Your article says the Major Case Squad is investigating her death. Do you have information that she is dead? That's not been reported elsewhere.

Your Momma
Your Momma

GET THE LYNCH MOB! We don't need facts or evidence to convict someone in the media! 


That is a colossal mistake on my part. The case right now is a disappearance. Not a homicide. Corrected above. Thanks for the clarification. Hanging my head in shame.

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