An Edgy Sign for Staid Kirkwood?

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Despite the occasional shocker of a Cookie Thornton or a Michael Devlin, the St. Louis suburb of Kirkwood is pretty much a bastion of family-friendly, American-heartland wholesomeness -- certainly not a place you'd expect anything remotely risqué to come out of the local Historical Society.

But check out this sign we saw the other day in front of the society's headquarters at Mudd's Grove, just west of downtown. Are Kirkwoodians gettin' a little edgy with their marketing? Or do we just have a warped mind?

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your mom's mom
your mom's mom

Ask the residents of Kirkwood-owned Meacham Park if Kirkwood is a "staid" community.


Risque? You gotta be kidding! And it really doesn't make much sense. You have way too much time on your hands to write something this silly. Better luck next time.

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