Politico: Peter Kinder Has Little Chance of Defeating Jay Nixon for Governor

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Kinder: The interesting choice for governor.
Republican officials and strategists in Missouri have little faith in Lt. Governor Peter Kinder's ability to unseat Governor Jay Nixon in 2012, according to an article published yesterday on Politico.com.

The story, titled "In Missouri, Random Acts of Peter Kinder," details the questionable and often erratic behavior (from dubious travel expenses to fiery tweets and careless use of personal property) of the man poised to be the Republican contender in the 2012 gubernatorial race.

Politico quotes numerous Republican leaders -- all speaking unanimously -- who question Kinder's marketability with voters.

"Every politician wants to be recognized, but there's a thin line between that and ridicule. And Kinder is crossing that line with each blow-up," a GOP source tells Politico.

Kinder declined comment to Politico, but an aide dismissed any concern about his boss's ability to win the governor's office. Kinder has not officially launched his campaign for the position, though it's widely expected he will sometime in coming months.

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divorce lawyers miami
divorce lawyers miami

faith in Lt. Governor Peter Kinder's ability to unseat Governor Jay Nixon as i know what he can do and how he is capable of doing so..


Politico is a left-wing liberal mouth piece for the democrats. So their article on Kinder is biased and slanted towards Nixon. Nixon is not totally safe in his run for a second term. Politico and its ilk trumpeted Robin Carnahan in her quest to become senator. Look how far that went. Missouri is a red state. Next election will sweep Osama from the White House and give the GOP control of both houses. And when  that happens, Nixon is toast. And it's also goodbye to our dear Claire!

And by the way, there is a Kitty imposter posting messages here. I am the original Kitty. The Kitty of Kats!

Edward B
Edward B


kinder......from the party of NO??????????????????

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