Sex Toy Bandit Strikes Again!

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Greene County Jail
The "Sex Toy Bandit," Daniel Ray
Down in Springfield, 40-year-old Daniel Ray is known as the Sex Toy Bandit.

He has a fondness for showing up at adult shops in the wee hours, shattering the front window -- sometimes with a vehicle -- and stealing stuff inside.

Ray pleaded guilty to doing it at three different shops in 2008. He went to jail, and was out on parole on June 15 when he was arrested (after a foot chase) for doing it yet again, according to the News-Leader.

He's now charged with two counts of burglary.

Here's a little sad-yet-intriguing context from our friends down at the NL:
According to a probable cause statement from the 2008 burglaries, Ray said he'd been high on methamphetamine, which caused him to do crazy things involving sex toys and pornography. He called himself "sick in the head."

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So the guy likes to jizz himself with a vibrating penis. BFD.  Sharing such good things from other newspapers are always of interest to us gentle readers of the RFT. Alas, we could have been told about the folks in New Zealand drinkng and cooking with horse cum. Yucky but true.

Now back to that poor bastard in Springfield. Is he more twisted than those horse-cum drinking New Zealanders? Hmm. Or maybe his  dildos and vibrators don't seem so bad after all.

Handsome Jimmy
Handsome Jimmy

How would you like to have this asshole as a cell mate in stir? 


The guy that snorted bath salts and fucked/killed a goat says this guy is bush league.

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