Charlie Brennan Chortles about SlutWalk on KMOX

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Ha, ha! Women, with their not wanting to be raped!!
A Toronto cop pissed people off all over the world when he told women early this year that a good way to avoid assault was not to dress like sluts.

Outraged folks planetwide have been organizing "SlutWalks" to assert that no matter how a person is dressed, assault is always wrong -- and advance the radical notion that rape is entirely the fault of, y'know, rapists.

KMOX's Charlie Brennan finds this to be just hysterical, apparently.

As we told you back in April, Brennan Peters has decided to bring a SlutWalk into St. Louis. She didn't have a concrete plan back then, but now the event is happening Saturday, July 16, in the Grove neighborhood. (Lots of good stuff is planned--we'll let you know more as the event gets closer.)

Last night on KMOX, Charlie Brennan was discussing SlutWalks in general, comparing walking around in a short skirt to whistling Dixie with a Confederate flag in north city or burning an American flag around a bunch of Marines.

"You dress like a prostitute, what are you letting people know?" he asked one female caller.

But our favorite hilarious witticism came when a caller hipped him to the fact that St. Louis is having one, and soon: "I am so sorry I'm going to be out of town July 16th! ... Maybe it'll be sponsored by KMOX radio!"

You stay classy, Charlie.

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These smarmy little fucker is probably just pissed off that he never had any game and that any attractive woman that he ever knew who dressed like a 'slut' wanted nothing to do with his narcissistic over opinionated ass. Fuck this clown and that goes doubly for any shitheads who listen to this bastard saying to themselves "yeah, right on! You got a point there charlie!"


No offense, Charlie, but I doubt you'll be out-of-town. You'll be dressed in drag, participating.


Charlie who?

he obviously one of those uppity "I'm better than you" folks, and definitely has some issues if he sees a girl in a mini skirt and thinks "prostitute". Only a dumb ass thinks someone that dresses provacitavely deserves to be treated like a slut or raped. Since he looks like he has some money, I guess it's ok if he gets mugged.

He's obviously insecure too since his picture on the KMOX site is probably 10 years old.


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