St. Louis Police Send 60 Officers to Joplin

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Sixty St. Louis police officers are headed to Joplin today to assist the city following last week's devastating tornado.

The officers will stay in Joplin for at least a week -- perhaps longer. Joplin officials contacted the police department on Monday requesting aid.

The St. Louis officers will assist with various duties, including traffic control, perimeter checkpoint staffing for both traffic and security, squad patrols through the impact site, volunteer management and any other tasks the may require law enforcement assistance.

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county crusader
county crusader

That is great that the city is helping out in this disaster zone. I just wish the STLPD was just as committed to use their officers to clean up the active WAR zone in North St. Louis. Our local lawmakers and police let thugs and gangbangers run wild in the streets, shooting, robbing, and killing people on a near daily basis. These 60 officers will do good in Joplin, but they can also be used to improve the saftey of our community back home too. Please help joplin, then come right back here and clean up the lawless thugs north of hwy 70 that make our city the most dangerous city in the country.


I'm sure those 60 officers will have no problem quickly ridding North St. Louis of the poverty and broken homes that give rise to all the young felons.

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