St. Louis Voltron Connection: Who Knew?

voltron 2.jpg
"Form feet and legs; form arms and body; and I'll form the head!"
Don't know what your favorite cartoon of the mid-1980s was, but here at Daily RFT, we're definitely partial to Voltron.

From 1984 to 1985, the animated series, which featured crime-fighting robotic cats that could come together as a giant robot warrior, was the most popular children's show on television. And it has a St. Louis connection.

As the St. Louis Business Journal reported yesterday, Koplar Communications (the former owner of KPLR Channel 11) brought the show to the states from Japan where it was known as "GoLion."

Now, Koplar Communication's World Event Productions is bringing back a new version of Voltron to debut on Nicktoons this month.

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Jon Roosmann
Jon Roosmann

Very interesting indeed. I remember having the large scale version of Voltron, which had each of the cats & their character could sit inside. Then you could transform it into the large Voltron. Wish I still had that baby, I bet it's worth a little $$.

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