Win Four Tickets to the Devon Alexander Fight This Weekend

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Updated 3 p.m. Ding, ding, ding. And we have a winner!

By unanimous decision, the belt goes to Sardines! S/he may not be the biggest fish in the sea, but when it comes to talking like Don King, s/he does a whale of a job.

Congratulations and thanks to both contestants for putting up a great fight.

Original story follows...

As you may have heard, the great wordsmith Don King is in town this week to promote Saturday's "Show Me Something Great" boxing match at the St. Charles Family Arena.

The fights feature a number of local boxers including Ryan Coyne, Cory Spinks and the main event in St. Louisan Devon Alexander squaring up against Lucas Matthysse.

Daily RFT has four tickets to the fights that we'd love to give away to the person who can tell us why they deserve to go. But here's the catch: You need to plead your case in Don-King-speak

Leave your response in the comment section along with an easy way to contact you (Twitter handle, Facebook ID, email address). We'll announce the winner by 3 p.m.

One last catch: You need to pick up the tix by 5 p.m. today at the RFT office in the U. City Loop.

Good luck!

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You ask why I should go to the Brawl near Mid-Rivers Mall?! You'd like to enquire why I should attend the Scrap at River's Bend? Well, indubioutisly, I will say to you, sir, that Alexander's Grapple deserves to be in the Big Apple, and Coyne's frisky hook, is like a dram of Irish Whiskey--blended with Inglenook. This is a chance for a fight maven like me, to take three friends to an arena that is Family Friendly.  So please, Mr. Garrison, hand the tickets my way, it's the right thing to do, at the end of the day.

Hit me up at (314) 472-3514

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Saint Louis!!!! Devon is going to put a boxing clinic. (He needs to stay low to not catch any looping shots).. Lucas better rough him up cause otherwise he is in for a long night at the end of "the great's" punches. The Argentina native can pack a punch... But only of he is stationary. Looking forward to a true statement of redemption. I hope we get a Bradley rematch in 2-3 more fights.

Ovier Mariscal(650) 2485588

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