Apt to Dance: Racehorse Dies on Horse Hooky Tuesday

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An injured racehorse (though not Apt to Dance).
​This week's Horse Hooky Tuesday at Fairmount Park did not end well for Apt to Dance, a three-year-old mare.

While waiting in the paddock just before the start of the fourth race, something spooked the horse. She reared on her hind legs and then flipped over and landed on her back. Fairmount's trainers and veterinarians decided her injuries were untreatable and put her out of her misery late Tuesday.

No other humans or horses were injured.

Apt to Dance was owned by Shellye Essenpreis and trained by Eddie Essenpreis. In her four races this year, she finished in the money three times.

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What is ironic here is that the photo RFT is showing IS NOT FP nor is the horse APT TO DANCE. Seems like we are promoting sensationalism here by posting a picture of another incident that took place at a totally different track.  I was there that day that Eddies horse jumped straight up in the air and fell over backwards hard.A valiant effort was made by the track veterinarian and several others to help the mare to her feet but it was soon obvious the poor mare had done extensive damge to her back when she flipped over on it so hard.I think it would be in good taste for RFT to take this fake photo off the site and let "Dance" be remembered with some grace and dignity.....

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