Casey Anthony's Hiding Place -- Revealed

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Have you seen this woman? St. Louisans should keep an eagle eye, our informant says.
If we killed our baby and got away with it -- thereby pissing off so many God-fearing, Nancy Grace-watching Americans that people were literally attacking our doppelgängers in convenience stores and terrorizing anyone stuck with our cursed name -- we would probably look for a way to start over in California. Just look at Whitey Bulger. Dude lasted sixteen years on the lam in Santa Monica!

But that's not, apparently, the route chosen by Casey Anthony, the lovable tot killer molestation victim party girl recently found not guilty of the murder of her daughter, Caylee.

Her attorneys may be mum on her whereabouts, but we can report exclusively that Casey's decided to bide her time (and hide from a vengeful America) in south-city St. Louis!

In this photograph, obtained exclusively by Riverfront Times, you can see the compound where the Most Hated Person in America plans to wait out the next 9.5 years.

We're told the spacious hideout has a seven-foot high fence to keep out nosy neighbors -- plus opaque windows on the street side to keep out prying eyes.

This exclusive photo shows Anthony's new digs in south city St. Louis.

And that's not all -- the compound comes equipped with its own trash burner, so drunks (or hoodlums) roaming the streets of south city don't stumble on a bit of garbage betraying its new, infamous inhabitant. It also doesn't have Internet; we're told Anthony's lawyers wanted to make sure that those hunting for Anthony couldn't locate her via wireless transmissions.

Really, this bunker is so hardcore, we doubt the CIA could find Anthony -- even if they spent the next decade looking.

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