Collinsville Mayor Apologizes for City's New Anti-Sagging Law, Calls It a "Step Backward"

In addition to mockery, this sagger would now be subject to fines in Collinsville.
Council members representing the Metro East town of Collinsville, Illinois, voted last night to pass the anti-sagging ordinance Daily RFT told you about last week.

The law passed by a 3-2 vote and makes it illegal for people to wear their pants more than three to four inches below the waistline of their underwear. Those found guilty of the offense would be subject to a $100 fine. Get caught sagging more than once, and you could be fined $300 and forced to do community service.

Council members in favor of the ban say that their constituents demanded the legislation and associated saggy pants with gang activity. In 2007, the city of Pine Lawn in north St. Louis County passed a similar ban.

Meanwhile, Collinsville's mayor, John Miller, did not mince words yesterday in denouncing the new law.

"I don't think anyone has a right to tell anyone how to wear a certain pair of pants," said Miller. "This country was founded on liberties given to people to be different. If we inhibit that right to be different, we're obstructing that nature that this country was founded on. People have rights that don't change just because they live in the city of Collinsville."

H/T Belleville News-Democrat, which has all the lowdown on Collinville's saggy pants debate.

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Preston Wiginton
Preston Wiginton

Do they allow pornography on billboards .. NO.. Communities have standards, this community just enforced theirs. Don't like em, then leave. 

Rudy Moore
Rudy Moore

Time to organize a Million Sag March. They can't fine us all.

Great comment jdub. On a serious note, why couldn't the mayor veto the measure? Does he have the power to do so?


On a related note, Collinsville plumbers just increased their price of a service call by $100.


This is a good thing; the more time our elected officials waste time on silly laws like this, the less likely they are going to spent time on questionable TIF deals and installing red light cameras.

Anthony Morris
Anthony Morris

 I certainly hope they do! One of these days I'm going to get a super soaker and fill it with chocolate milk. Come around me with those stupid sagging pants and I'll make you look like you crapped yourself. Fashion is fashion but sagging pants make you look like you don't have sense enough to buy a belt.

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