Darnell Glover: St. Louis Homicide No. 77; Killed in Drive By with Assault Rifle

Darnell Glover was standing on a front porch in the 5400 block of Genevieve Street (below) in the city's Walnut Park East neighborhood when he was shot dead Saturday night. The drive-by also sent a 31-year-old mother and her five-year-old daughter to the hospital.

5400 genevieve.JPG
Shortly before the shooting, Glover and others were involved in an argument at a neighborhood convenience store, according to police. The suspects then trailed Glover in a Pontiac Grand Prix and opened fire with an assault rifle as he stood on the porch on Genevieve Street.

The Post-Dispatch reports that the mother was inside the home when she was struck numerous times in the abdomen. She was in serious but stable condition at a hospital. Her five-year-old daughter was hit in the hand and grazed on the chest and is expected to recover.

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It is a complete shame for our young and sometimes older black men to result to such careless actions that has brought the black community so far done, Martin L. King and Malcolm would be sad at what our people are doing, WHY! Black man do you care so little and respect nothing!, and result to such cowardly activity as drive by shootings that hurt so many innocent people. Man up and be above this sinceless way of life and Remember! If you live by the sword, you'll DIE ! by the sword....

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