The Six Best Crawfish Snuff Videos (Excluding Our Own)

​As we reported in this week's feature, "Stupid People Tricks: The raw crawfish conundrum," it's become something of a trend for people to film themselves -- or get filmed by their friends/enablers -- eating live crawfish and posting the results on YouTube. It's unknown how many of these dumbshits developed paragonimiasis -- though doctors at Washington University Medical School believe that half of all crawfish carry the parasite Paragonimus kellicotti.

Anyway, enjoy these videos -- though maybe not while you're eating. Afterward, watch the RFT educational video Float Trips Dos and Don'ts: Eating Raw Crawfish and congratulate yourself on not being a dumbshit.

This video contains all the classic element of a crawfish snuff video: dumbshit, goading friends, the popping-the-whole-crawfish-into-the-mouth shot, the sticking-the-tongue-out-to-prove-that-it's-really-gone shot and the pained expression, plus an adorable dog.

If you're going to eat a live crawfish, make sure you've got a napkin to wash the guts off your chin and a couple of beers to wash the whole thing down.

The Zapruder of crawfish snuff videos: Did Eddie swallow his crawfish in one gulp or did he surreptitiously spit it out?

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