Geoffrey's Brother Norman Reads From The Pulpwood Queens Tiara-Wearing, Book Sharing Guide to Life

Categories: Purple Prose

This week, in a very special episode of Purple Prose, we're proud to feature Norman Delicatecharacter. While your regular host Geoffrey is still institutionalized, his twin brother Norman treats us to an excerpt from Kathy L. Patrick's The Pulpwood Queens Tiara-Wearing, Book Sharing Guide to Life, and, at Geoffrey's insistence, reads it in a Southern accent. You definitely don't want to miss this!

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Kathy L. Patrick
Kathy L. Patrick

I think you'll be happy to know I have wicked sense of humor!  Very funny and shared with my Pulpwood Queendom!  But didn't you teachers and librarians ever teach you to never throw a book!!!!!


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