GQ Ranks St. Louis 10th Worst-Dressed City

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nelly sweat suit 4.jpg
Yes, we like our sweat suits, damnit. Just ask our man, Nelly!
St. Louis is the 10th-worst dressed city in the nation, according to GQ Magazine which has this to say about the fashion (or lack thereof) of our fair residents:
In a city that conflates fashion and fandom, the question isn't whether you're going to put on sweatpants; it's whether you're going to put on the "good" pair. (You know, the one without the ravioli stains.) How to spot an out-of-town St. Louisan: Beanies with brims.
Ouch. Though, really, if the author of this "study" really wanted to be accurate, he'd have replaced "ravioli stains" with "toasted ravioli stains."

Anyhoo, I for one am not letting GQ's survey get me down.

I remember subscribing to GQ years ago when a female friend visiting my apartment began thumbing through its glossy pages full of ads for Italian fashion houses I could never afford, much less pronounce.

After 30 seconds she put the publication down on the table and asked without an ounce of sarcasm in her voice, "Why do you subscribe to a gay man's magazine?"


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