KMOV Flubs U.S. Women's Soccer Coverage

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Somewhere out there, a fan of U.S. Women's Soccer is displeased with KMOV Channel 4 -- to the point that he or she posted the video below earlier this week:

Daily RFT has ascertained that, in fact, the segment in question on the women's match against Colombia really did contain four errors:

1) Heather O'Reilly was misidentified as Rachel Buehler.

2) Megan Rapinoe was misidentified as Christie Rampone.

3) Carlie Lloyd's last name was mispronounced as "Lord (well, we think....sports anchor Doug Vaughn says it pretty fast).

4) The women's victory did mean they would advance to the quarterfinals, but their next match against Sweden was not part of that; rather it was just a formality before the quarterfinals (this is a pretty technical mistake).

Mind you, it's possible that none of this was Vaughn's fault; it could've been the person who wrote the text for the teleprompter.

Either way, it's all best summed up by one of the people who commented online under the YouTube video: "Sadly shows the place soccer has in the former "soccer city USA".

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