Mexican Marijuana Farm Bigger Than Tower Grove Park

forest park marijuana 3.jpg
The 300-acre marijuana plantation found in Mexico is a quarter the size of Forest Park (above) and just a tad larger than Tower Grove Park.
As you may have heard, the Mexican army last week uncovered that country's biggest marijuana plantation ever.

Hidden in the remote desert of Baja California (approximately 150 miles south of Tijuana) lay a 300-acre field of cannabis, grown under miles and miles of mesh cloth. The farm was four times larger than anything Mexican authorities had previously discovered during the nation's long and bloody war on drugs, which has cost the nation more than 40,000 lives since 2006.

But how can St. Louisans comprehend the magnitude of last week's discovery in Mexico?

Here's a helpful comparison: At 300 acres, the marijuana farm was just bigger than Tower Grove Park (289 acres) and approximately one-fourth the size of Forest Park's 1,293 acres.

Another way to put the scale of the operation into perspective: Army officials predicted it would take up to a week to burn all the marijuana seized in the farm.

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