Puppy Mill Law Enforced for First Time; 70 Dogs Taken from Missouri Breeder

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The dogs rescued lived among rodent droppings. Old and sick dogs had been shot to death.
Inspectors from the Missouri Department of Agriculture today removed more than 70 dogs from a Monett-based breeder in the first-ever enforcement of the state's new Canine Cruelty Prevention Act.

Violations of the law identified during inspections of the Moser Kennel included standing water and mud in kennels, standing water in dog houses, inadequate veterinary care, damaged fencing, trash accumulation and weed growth, failure to provide clean drinking water for animals and the presence of rodent droppings.

The facility was also cited for using gunshot as a means of euthanasia, a method which is not approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association or permissible under Missouri regulations.

Prior to the rescue, Moser Kennel surrendered its Animal Care Facilities Act (ACFA) license to operate as a commercial breeding facility. Today's actions followed violations identified in recent inspections directly affecting animal health and welfare and subsequent action taken by the Missouri Attorney General under the Animal Care Facilities Act and the Canine Cruelty Prevention Act.

This spring the Missouri General Assembly drafted The Canine Cruelty Prevention Act after gutting a stricter dog-breeding law that voters had passed last November. Governor Jay Nixon signed the Act, also known as the Missouri Solution, into law in late April.

Today Dr. Jon Hagler, director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture, credited the new law with helping his agency take a bite out of unlawful breeders. "There is more work to be done -- and now more resources to help," he said in a statement. "This cooperation among our animal care program, the Humane Society of Missouri and Attorney General Koster will help us increase rescues and prosecutions and continue to strengthen the breeding industry in Missouri."

The Humane Society of Missouri, Lawrence County Sheriff's Department and the Missouri Attorney General's office assisted the agriculture department in today's rescue. Dogs removed from the Monett facility were of of varying breeds, and include Cocker Spaniels, Labrador Retrievers, American Eskimos, Poodles, Beagles, Papillons and Brussels Griffons. The dogs will soon be placed with the Humane Society of Missouri for adoption.

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"The dogs will soon be placed with the Humane Society of Missouri for adoption."

Translation: all rescued animals will be euthanized within 30 days max.

Way to save the dogs guys, you removed them from semi-bad conditions where they were alive to put them in a box to wait for execution.

MEANWHILE, 30k children starved to death. Glad the dogs are more important.

ALSO,on a related note, since the breeder is now out of business, congrats, we're now paying them out of our pockets since their entire staff is now on unemployment. Jobs, negatively effected. State economy, diminished. Priorities, hopelessly skewed.

Richard Griffin
Richard Griffin

im sure our state legislators will swoop in and overturn this and send those dogs back to their owner.

Shelley Powers
Shelley Powers

If Proposition B was allowed to go into effect, this woman could have charged with a misdemeanor, and had the dogs removed weeks ago. It's also unlikely she would have ever been allowed to have a dog breeding operation again.

And what about the hundreds of licensed but bad breeders still left? I've identified over 100, and without even trying hard. What about them?

Also, what about the new "rules" that the Department of Agriculture was supposed to publish July 1st incorporating the new laws?

And how nice that the HSMO is getting all this publicity for selling out the community trying to keep the state legislature from gutting Proposition B.

Smoke and mirrors. This is nothing but smoke and mirrors.


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Do you honestly believe that living with no water/dirty water, unclean conditions, and amongst rodents is truly LIVING? Do you also believe that just because some animals were saved that these "30k children" have somehow suffered? Do you think we are supposed to care about unemployment for some cruel breeders? Get a clue.


No, now that the HSUS has them they're gone: HSUS never misses a chance to murder some dogs. I think they have a kill-rate that nearly equals PETA, north of 90%+These dogs had a much better chance for survival if they had just been released into the wild. It's sad, when will we learn?


actually the "HS's" sold us all out by pushing such a flawed bill as the sunshine-and-lollipop-rainbow crap they were able to mislead the voters with. The fact that the 'cruelty" bill had to go to court multiple times just to get it's name right should have told you from the beginning that it's crafters had little to no respect of or knowledge of the law.

Our legislature acted as they were statutorily required to by amending the passed bill to get it to a state that is actually rational, legal, and enforceable. This extra work and wasted expense that the bills supporters foisted on our state negates any and all good that will come from the legislation for years to come solely based on the increased cost to the state (and by extension, the taxpayer), and for that the "HS's" should be ashamed. For putting important state business on hold in order to fix the mess created by the bill, our legislature deserves praise.

Or would you have preferred that the statehouse did nothing and allowed the entire bill to get struck down by the courts? Be happy you were able to get the concessions you did, and also don't forget that Prob B only won IN TWO COUNTIES in the election. It is official, St Louis and Kansas City, two lone counties, get to dictate what the other 215 counties do regardless of their vote. How can anyone see that as a good thing?

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