OnStar System Tracks Down Camaros Stolen from St. Louis Dealership

camaro 2011.JPG
A Camaro is cool. But a Camaro with OnStar? Well, that's just bitchin'.
The hell with Knight Rider. All you need these days for a crime-fighting muscle car is an OnStar system. A group of St. Louis car thieves discovered that the hard way this morning.

According to reports, the thieves broke into the Bommarito Chevrolet dealership in south St. Louis County around 4 a.m. and made off with four brand-new Camaros. Turns out, though, that the vehicles may have been smarter than the criminals behind the wheel.

That's because, soon after the theft, police and the dealership were able to locate the vehicles though their OnStar systems. In one instance, authorities were actually able to kill the engine to one of the stolen cars via OnStar.

The cars have all been located in Wellston in north St. Louis County, and police have made at least one arrest.

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