Reports: Legislative Leaders Approve Subsidies for China Hub

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Legislators make the numbers add up.
Word is that Republican leaders in the Missouri House and Senate have hammered out a deal to provide $360 million in tax credits to subsidize construction and flights for a proposed cargo hub at Lambert St. Louis International Airport.

The full legislature would have to approve the measure in a special session this summer. House Speaker Steve Tilley and Rob Mayer, Senate president pro tem, got to the agreement by capping tax credits elsewhere, particularly for historic and low-income developments.

The hub would begin receiving three flights a week from China and send three planes full of U.S. goods to China each week.

Let's see. That adds up to six flights a week. Six times 52 equals 312 flights a year. Divide that into $360 million and the subsidies for each flight in the first year would be a scant $1.1 million per airplane. Hmm.

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Cole Goodrich
Cole Goodrich

I hate engaging in ad hominem criticism, but you might be the laziest journalist in stl.  I'd say more, but I've already provided you with information that completely undermines your assertion that it would cost $1.1 million per cargo plane. 


Just $1.1 million per plane?  That won't even cover the legal and lobbying fees!

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