Scott Moore: Baseball-Bat Murderer Guilty in Death of Granite City Woman

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Granite City Police
Scott Moore: Guilty in 2009 baseball-bat murder.
It took a Madison County jury less than two hours yesterday to convict 34-year-old Scott Moore of first-degree murder and armed robbery in the gruesome slaying of Catherine Fowler.

Fowler's body was discovered bludgeoned to death in July 2009 inside her Granite City apartment after a witness saw Moore toss a purse into a dumpster. Police then used identification inside the purse to find Fowler dead in her home.

In trial this week, Moore argued that the and Fowler had gotten into an argument over a drug debt he owed her for cocaine, and that it was Fowler who first wielded the aluminum baseball bat against him. Moore said he then acted in self-defense.

The jury, though, didn't buy it. Moreover, Moore gave conflicting accounts to police on how the bat arrived at the home, telling investigators he brought it along when he biked to the apartment that day and then saying he found it there. Also revealed in trial this week was that Moore had used thirteen buttons of heroin on the day of Fowler's death.

Beyond the two first-degree murder charges, the jury also found Moore guilty of exceptionally brutal and heinous behavior that could mean a prison term of 100 years when he's sentenced this year.

Illinois no longer has the death penalty.

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I knew this guy. My dad and his mom dated for years. We lived together for a while. He was a good guy until he moved to granite and got hooked up with drugs. Shows what drugs do to you


gee, gotta love those cokeheads!


Illinois lawmakers struck down the death penalty because ALOT of Illinois lawmakers are ending up in prison.

Handsome Jimmy
Handsome Jimmy

Wonder what dude's on base percentage will be in the big house? Maybe he will be a switch hitter at the hotel gray-bar?

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