Slay, Nixon Find Little Irony in Parroting "Larry the Cable Guy"

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You might be a redneck if ... you quote Larry the Cable Guy.
So, this morning Governor Jay Nixon threw his weight behind the St. Louis China Hub, telling an audience in St. Louis that he'll call legislators to a special "Getting it Done" session this fall to pass legislation approving $360 million in tax credits for the project.

On his blog this afternoon, St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay showered praise on Nixon and the hub to be called, St. Louis Aerotropolis. Slay concluded his musings by throwing out his own "let's get it done" shout out.

To which one could ask, do we really want our politicians quoting Larry the Cable Guy? And don't they realize that the comedian's "Git-R-Done" tagline is a joke about doing a half-ass job as quickly and as thoughtlessly as possible?

That's worth pondering given recent concerns that the aerotropolis project is incredibly naive and/or infeasible.

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Since governor hillbilly fuckstick is a tractor driving horsefucker I think it's quite apt that he would say something like 'git er dun'. Slay is just doing his best to perhaps fool the said horsefucker into thinking he is an inbred rural piece of shit to get support for St. Louis. 


Yeah I can see the jobs and prosperity already!!


I'm pretty certain someone other than Larry the Cable Guy was the first to say, "Let's get it done."  I'm also pretty certain "Let's get it done" and "Git-R-Done" aren't actually the same.

Chad Garrison
Chad Garrison

If you're going to continue to spam our readers to visit your website, at least give 'em more of a teaser than that.  

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