Mid-Year St. Louis Police Report: Homicides, Burglaries Up

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​Homicides, burglaries and robberies are up from this time last year, but the latter two categories have dropped since May. St. Louis Metropolitan Police Chief Dan Isom presented the latest crime stats yesterday at the Board of Police Commissioner's meeting, held at police headquarters.

Through the midpoint of the year there have been 485 more burglaries and 82 more robberies than the first six months of last year, marking increases of 13.8 percent and 9.2 percent, respectively.

Isom acknowledged that there has been a major spike in property crimes -- which include burglary, larceny, auto theft and arson -- in the South Patrol Division. But he added that the Central Patrol Division and North Patrol Divsion have seen significant drops in property crime through June. In addition, he said, burglaries and robberies have dropped since May after rising steadily since January. Isom credits the recent success to selective police-presence initiatives that were recently launched.

In addition, homicides have ticked up by seven, marking an 11.3 percent increase when compared to the tally over the first six months of last year. They have risen steadily since January, which Isom attributed to warmer weather. Most of the homicides, he said, have been the results of personal disputes and drug violence.

Other violent crimes, like rape and aggravated assault, are down this year, said Isom.

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tinting Tarzana CA
tinting Tarzana CA

It is sad to know that the number of crimes being committed in St. Louis has been increasing - burglaries and homicides. This reminds us of the importance of each others' lives as well as our  hard-earned possessions and so we have to do our part in becoming more responsible in terms of keeping our homes secure and always be careful for we do not know when criminals will strike.

Alissa Nelson
Alissa Nelson

Pretty disturbing that the Isom is attributing increased homicides to the weather and not a failure to implement city policies that would actually work to prevent interpersonal violence and curb drug use.

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