Aaron Reid: Acquaintance of Milton Ohlsen Concealed Knowledge of Clayton Bombing

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Ohlsen when he was arrested for weapons charges in 2008.
Update 3:15 p.m: Aaron Reid is a police officer currently commissioned with Uplands Park, according to an official with the state's Department of Public Safety. Reid's license remains on probation with the state after an incident in 2007 when he served as police officer in Vinita Park and broke protocol by running a background check on his cousin.

According to another source, Reid also worked as a cop in Wellston before joining Uplands Park. A sergeant with Wellston tells Daily RFT the name sounds familiar but couldn't confirm employment.

The Post-Dispatch reports this afternoon that Uplands Park has now terminated its relationship with Reid. Reid and Ohlsen met around 2006 when Reid became Ohlsen's bodyguard at a time when Ohlsen was promoting mixed-martial arts fights. A source describes Reid as a "350-pound black guy of sheer muscle."

Original story follows...

A man who rode to Clayton with Milton "Skip" Ohlsen on the day Ohlsen allegedly planted a bomb inside a parking garage has pleaded guilty to "misprision of a felony" for having concealed and misrepresented his knowledge of the crime.

Aaron Reid, 26, of the 63132 zip code that incorporates Olivette, is charged in a case filed today with lying to St. Louis County detectives in October 2009 when they asked him whether he had knowledge of the bombing. According the U.S. Attorney's Office, Reid was with Ohlsen on October 15, 2008, when they parked in the vicinity of the parking garage and parted company to run errands.

Ohlsen was wearing a red poncho at the time and had a gift basket to deliver. Parking garage video cameras captured images of a person wearing a red poncho with a gift basket entering the garage. A bomb concealed in the gift basket exploded the next day on October 16, 2008, seriously injuring attorney John Gillis.

U.S. Attorney Richard Callahan stated in a news release today that there was no evidence nor did officials believe that Reid had any knowledge of Ohlsen's intentions in advance of the bombing. The crux of the crime, Callahan said, "was Reid's subsequent concealment of crucial information when it became apparent that Ohlsen might be involved in the bombing."

The plea agreement which Reid struck with the fed has been sealed, and there's no information in public documents as to how Reid knew Ohlsen. The attorney handling the case for the feds, Carrie Constantin, tells Daily RFT that she's barred from releasing any information in the case not already made public. We have a request out with her boss, Callahan, to see if he might explain the relationship between Reid and Ohlsen.

Reid doesn't have any other criminal charges or convictions in Missouri according to a quick records search. Sentencing for Reid is set for October 26, in which he could get three years in prison and fines up to $250,000.

Last month Milton "Skip" Ohlsen pleaded not guilty in connection to the bombing, in which prosecutors believe he was targeting the attorney representing his ex-wife in their divorce. Police were searching Ohlsen's downtown loft in December 2008 for evidence relating to weapons and mortgage fraud charges when they came across evidence they believe connects him to the bombing. That search also produced evidence involved in the political downfall of state senator Jeff Smith for whom Ohlsen had worked as a campaign consultant.

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dude is a good guy i know him dont bullshit he aint this big bad thug media makes him out to be he was a good cop shit happens he was a bouncer too they got him fired for no reason fuck the bullshit hes a good guy. yall is acting like he blew up a hospital not the case

Your Momma
Your Momma

Remember Kids:

1) In several states now it is illegal, even a felony, to record an officer. 2) In at least one state, you are not allowed to try to stop an officer illegally entering your home. 

All of this is because it's clear that 'Officers of the LAW' are to be trusted. Clearly that is the case, as is demonstrated here. 

Chad Garrison
Chad Garrison

I may have just figured out who Aaron Reid is, and it's pretty interesting if true. I'll update the post when/if I get confirmation.

What a crock of shit.
What a crock of shit.

Right. Good guys conceal a crime of violence and shield the guilty from punishment even when the guilty have burned off the face of an innocent man in an attempt to MURDER another person which they have an issue with. 

Totally a good guy. I agree. We need more like him. 

I'll Say It.
I'll Say It.

He was a Police Officer licensed by the state of Missouri and employed by various departments in the the St. Louis area until yesterday. 

He served as a body guard to a convicted felon on the side. And based on his plea, he accompanied that convicted drug dealer to the site where a bomb exploded on Oct 15, 2008. Convenient he has been allowed to claim, uncontradicted by authorities, that although he knew his convicted felon client was wearing a bizare outfit including a bright orange rain coat, carrying a gift basket and balloons - he didn't know anything was up. Right, so all of sudden this Police Officer and body guard thought his drug dealing felon client got a one time job as a Singing Telegram Delivery Boy. 


Oh it's worse than that. 

No one being honest can possibly believe that a Police Officer drove their felon drug dealer client to the scene of a bombing wearing a orange overcoat, silly hat, carrying a gift basket and then when they get there they both go separate ways and the Police Officer didn't know something was up. 

Complete Nonsense. 

The US Attorney's Office should be ashamed for letting that be the narrative. 

I'll Say It.
I'll Say It.

The Post scooped you, it's on their front page. 

Chad Garrison
Chad Garrison

Yes. Thank you again for pointing this out. I just updated my post with the information I'd uncovered. In my defense, the Post had three reporters working it. 

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