A Humble Suggestion for the Replacing of Decorative Plates on Busch Stadium

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decorative plate.jpg
Plates like this abound online. Perhaps the Cardinals could pick up similar trinkets from all 27 cities with MLB teams?
So you've heard the news. How could you not?! It's the biggest story of the week year century history of St. Louis. On Monday a decorative steel plate fell off the exterior of Busch Stadium and crashed 80 feet below onto the sidewalk.

No one was hurt, but gee whiz! Just think of what could have happened had the 100-pound piece of metal struck someone?! Why that question alone is worthy of endless speculation in the local media.

Now the Cardinals have announced that they will begin removing more than 100 of the plates this week and decide whether or not to re-install the ornaments. Our suggestion?

The team should get rid of the decorative steel plates and replace them with the favorite collector's item of grandmas around the world. That's right, we're talking decorative porcelain plates.

Not only would these plates lend the ballpark a sophisticated panache, they'd also be a lot safer. A porcelain plate falling from 80 feet in the air would shatter into a thousand pieces leaving anyone on the ground with little more than few superficial shrapnel wounds.

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