Charlie Brennan Talks Knockout King

​Yesterday, KMOX Radio's Charlie Brennan sat down for a one-on-one interview with us to talk about "Knockout King," a feature story we ran a couple months ago about the violent ritual adopted by St. Louis teenagers involving the sucker-punching of unsuspecting pedestrians for thrills.

In April, 72-year-old Dutchtown resident Hoang Nguyen was sucker-punched by a stranger on his way home from the grocery store. The blow caused Nguyen to drop to the ground and hit his head on the pavement; he died later that day. Three days later, police apprehended 18-year-old Elex Murphy and suggested that the attack was part of a game of Knockout King.

Murphy, who was charged with four crimes, including first-degree murder, has since denied all involvement in the attack. To listen to the interview with Brennan, click the arrow below.

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your mom's mom
your mom's mom

Most overblown fake trend of the summer: Knockout King in St. Louis or Flash Mobs in Chicago?


Actually you are completely and totally wrong. I've seen what these kids have done to a neighbor couple (the street had blood and teeth in it afterwards) and I was assaulted by them as well several years ago. Viciously. I picked one of them out of a line up and he went to a boot camp for juv's after getting caught by using my girlfirend's cell phone to call his mother immediately afterwards and sending me threatening text messages. He stole her purse after hitting me which is how he got it . Afterwards the police explained to me who they are and what they do. They had their eyes on him for a while. These kids are really proud of themselves and I am all too familiar with their little cowardly gang. Do not say crap like that. Once you are subjected to extreme unpredictable violence your perspective changes and you will be thankful that the city of St. Louis has good police that you will run to when you are crapping in your pants scared. It is pathetic, immature, and d-bagging of you to make a public statement regarding something that you do not have a clue about.


It isn't fake.  It's deadly serious.  So are flash mobs in Chicago and elsewhere.  And they aren't being overblown enough.

You're a tool.


Thank you. I responded to that dumb *ss's comment as well.

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