Jeff Smith, Rod Jetton Recall Glory Days Before Scandals Ruined Their Political Careers

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Smith & Jetton: Ex-pols engage in friendly fire.
In 2009, then state Senator Jeff Smith (D - St. Louis) was caught lying to federal investigators and sentenced to twelve months in prison (he served eight). That same year,  Rod Jetton, Missouri's former Republican speaker of the House, fell from grace when he was accused of beating a woman during a kinky night of BDSM sex. 

Now, both men are out of politics and attempting to restore their names. Smith is writing a book. Meanwhile, Jetton is working for an engineering firm and recently wrote online about his rise and fall from politics.

Last night both men got together for a video chat with a website called The Recovering Politician to discuss their glory days and their current lives. As you can see from Smith's stretched out V-neck, it seems he has fully embraced the freelance writer's attire.

Check out the video after the jump.

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Kevin Morgan
Kevin Morgan

The big difference between these two is that Jetton was an elected Republican who rose to the highest seat in Missouri politics. Jeff Smith was a consultant who was never elected, and didn't have the confidence of the Democrats when he was trying. Another example of the false equivalence conservative media uses to equalize political fall out for republicans.  


now this is funny

Your Momma
Your Momma

Wow, nice facts there dipshit. FYI, Jeff Smith was a Senator. 


Jeff Smith was not a consultant... he was indeed an elected Missouri State Senator (D). So you really have no clue what you're talking about Morgan.

Kevin Morgan
Kevin Morgan

In other words, Chad Garrison, the author of this aricle is a bigger fraud than either one of these crooks for trying to frame this as equal. 

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