Video: St. Charles Man Lasts 10 Seconds in Ring with Kimbo Slice

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James Wade: Don't worry. He's okay.
Update: Daily RFT spoke to James Wade this afternoon. The boxer tells us that the fight actually lasted 17 seconds, not the ten seconds we reported earlier. It was an uppercut to the chin that knocked Wade to the mat. He says he was unconscious for a few seconds and is still a bit groggy today.

On the flip side, Wade says his seventeen seconds with Kimbo Slice were the fastest $2,000 he's ever earned, and he's confident that he could kick Slice's ass in his favored sport -- jiu jitsu.

"Without a doubt I could take him," says the 205-pound Wade, who gave up 22 pounds to Slice (real name Keven Ferguson) on Saturday night. Wade says he had very little interaction with Slice before or after the fight.

"I always talk to opponents," says Wade. "But he didn't have that all. At the weigh-in he just did that ghetto, I'm-going-to-stare-you-down-and-scare-you thing. And after the fight, well, I was kind of out of it."

Original post follows...

On Friday, 39-year-old James Wade of St. Charles told us he had a strategy for handling backyard bruiser Kimbo Slice in the latter's first professional boxing match this weekend.

Wade, an 0-1 professional boxer, said he was "planning to move a lot and throw straight punches." Well, Wade sort of accomplished his goal. He quickly moved into the corner -- and then was thrown straight to the canvas in a KO that took just ten seconds after the opening bell of Round 1. Here's a clip of the fight and its aftermath that (at nearly two minutes) lasts approximately fifteen times longer than the actual bout.

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all of you guys are nuts. james wade is my trainer and theres no way in hell kimbo would beat him in mma. james is a brown belt in jiu jitsu and no he doesnt own his own training facility. hes 39 years old and kimbo had 30 pounds on him. quit talking shit you wouldnt get in there with kimbo your damn self


This news is very interesting, I like watching fight...

Mark Affleck
Mark Affleck

Kimbo would beat James Wade in MMA too. I'm sick of people trash talking Kimbo. Sure he had that whole street-thug look before people got to know him, but he's proven to be a down to earth, humble, and surprisingly gentle, caring man who is a dedicated father and good friend. He treats all of his opponents with respect even after the fights, when all they could do was talk trash about him even after he kicked their asses. Kimbo never talked shit about a guy he was fighting. James Wade was already winless as a boxer, and if he was any good at MMA like he claims to be, he would be fighting MMA instead of being the sacrificial lamb to a debuting heavyweight monster, who is surely going to go on to big things. 37 is young for a heavyweight these days with all the 40+ fighters out there. Good luck and god bless Kimbo.

Bill Hannegan
Bill Hannegan

Chad, shouldn't you be going after the promoter for this rip-off mismatch? Wade, the smaller, older guy had never won a fight. What was Slice's record?


Bwahahahahahahahhaha, you got knocked the f#@$ out.  Doesn't this guy own an MMA training facility? Bwahahahahahaaha.

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