Lewis Reed Campaign Gets Big Gift; Francis Slay Campaign Gets Big Names

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Slay and Reed: The election is a long way off but the fundraising isn't.
The next election for mayor of St. Louis is still some twenty months away, but already the campaigns are underway.

Incumbent mayor Francis Slay currently has over $611,000 of cash on hand for the 2013 election, according to the latest campaign finance reports filed last month. In the second quarter of this year, Slay raised $125,000 from dozens of contributors, many of whom doled out five- and six-figure checks to the campaign.

Some of the big names donating to Slay, and the gifts they gave in the second quarter, include:

  • James Buford, president of the Urban League of St. Louis: $1,000
  • August Busch III, former chairman of Anheuser-Busch: $5,000
  • Clayton-based health care company, Centene: $10,000
  • Sam Fox, business owner and philanthropist: $5,000
  • Marilyn Fox, Sam Fox's wife: $5,000
  • Chesterfield-based civil engineering firm Howard Green Co.: $10,000
  • Refuse firm Waste Management: $10,000

Meanwhile, the man widely believed to be planning to challenge Slay for mayor -- Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed -- currently has around $133,000 in his campaign coffers. Reed took in $95,000 in the second quarter of 2011, with most of his contributions coming in at less than $1,000. The major exception to that came on June 20 when Reed received a check made out for $30,001.

That gift came courtesy of who else? Financier Rex Sinquefield. So does this mean that Missouri's biggest political donor is now in Reed's corner?

We're putting in a call to find out. In the meantime, it's worth noting that Sinquefield throws a lot of money around, and he's already donated to Slay's 2013 re-election bid: He cut a check of $50,000 Slay's campaign committee way back in December 2009.

Other notable Reed contributors included:
  • Chris Sommers, founder of the restaurant Pi: $1,000
  • James Buford, president of the Urban League of St. Louis: $300
  • Steve Stogel, president of the development company DFC Group, $2,500

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Worth noting that many of the same people donating to Slay also donated to Republican Ann Wagner's campaign. 


Wow, great reporting.  Love the way you imply that Lewis Reed has a mayoral campaign, which he does not.  Stick with covering areas you understand... the County.

Eric Vineyard
Eric Vineyard

While it's true that Lewis Reed's campaign treasury is for his current role as President of the BOA, it is widely believed by numerous credible sources that he'll challenge the mayor in 2013.  How much of that speculation is based on groups that simply want him to make a run for it is anyone's guess - but take a look at some of the recent political spats over bills that should have been no-brainers; I don't think Room 200 is blowing this possibility off.  And, Sinquefield is safe contributing to him in either case.  For sure, it'll be an interesting and formidable race if Pres Reed takes it on.

Chad Garrison
Chad Garrison

Thanks for taking the time to explain how the world works to a troll. I couldn't be bothered.

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