Missouri Airmen Cover "Rolling in the Deep," Knock Planet's Socks Off

Check this out: Here's an Air Force band from Missouri giving Adele a serious run for her money covering her hit "Rolling in the Deep." The band is called Sidewinder, and the lady with the pipes is Staff Sergeant Angie Johnson. They're part of the 571st Air Force Band based out of Whiteman Air Force Base, which is about four hours west of St. Louis. Sidewinder is in the Middle East doing morale shows right now, and this video is blowin' up the internets. And it's frickin' great.

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Awesome awesome awesome angie, I thought you wrote the song lol, when i found out it was someone named adel. i watched and listened to her, and she does not do justice to the song. sorry adel. i heard angie first, Im not a general music listener. But any way, you go girl, you should buy the song from adel, you do it ALOT BETTER.


Angie is from St Ann Missouri , I believe she went to Ritenour High, God Bless our Troops!

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