Tough Going at the Missouri State Fair

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Man! First Lynryd Skynyrd canceled their show last week for health reasons, and now the power's out at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia.

Last night, a storm knocked over trees, power lines, tents and concession stands at the fairgrounds. The grounds are closed to the public this morning, but farmers are allowed in to check on their furry charges, and fried-dough purveyors can check on their booths.

Fair officials tell the Columbia Missourian they're hoping to have everything up and running by this afternoon, so if you were planning a road trip, you're still good to go for Youth in Agriculture Day tomorrow or Half Price Day on Sunday. They also say no people or livestock were harmed in the storm.

Alas, you've already missed plenty of good stuff, though, even beyond Peter Kinder's much-mentioned glad-handing at the Governor's Ham Breakfast. The fair's food drive brought in 6,500 pounds of canned food. Kayla Morrow of Bronaugh took the title for the 2011 Grand Champion Meat Goat, with 92 pounds of goat meat on her prize creature. And Meredith Jones, a junior at the University of Missouri in Columbia, was crowned Missouri State Fair Queen.

Oh, and for literary nerds keeping score: here is an entire blog post about a state fair that doesn't even mention David Foster Wallace. Oh, wait...

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Man! It's such a bummer that I can't make it to Scuzzdelia for the Missurah state fair. I hear they have such delightful attractions such as gluttoneous fried everything, butter sculptures, corn cob pipes, tractor driving demos, hillbillies and their prized batches of meth, puppy mill contests, noodling contests, etc. If they don't have it they should also have a sibling buggering contest so they can put one of their best talents on display for the nation to see. You can also see herds of shuffling cattle wandering about regally throughout the fairgrounds. The livestock provided by Missurah farmers can be interesting as well...

Misti Preston
Misti Preston

Tough going last night, maybe. But the State Fair will be opening its gates today at 3 p.m.

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