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Albert Samaha
"I think it's pretty typical for a politician," said England. "It feels like they're doing something like this all the time."
Peter Kinder blames the Stripper Scandal on Jay Nixon and the Democrats.

"Jay Nixon may want to make up false stories about the past," he said last Thursday, referring to the story Daily RFT broke earlier this month about his alleged creepy infatuation with former stripper Tammy Chapman.

Do The People believe him?

We sought to find out in this week's edition of Of the People.

Sitting at the edge of the bar at 34 Club in the Central West End, Ben England, who is a pilot, thinks Kinder's denial is hollow. In fact, he wasn't even surprised when he heard Chapman's story.

"I think it's pretty typical for a politician," he says. "It seems like they're doing stuff like this all the the time."

One of Kinder's biggest obstacles in convincing the world that Chapman's allegations are untrue is the fact that the story fits right into the Sleazy Politician Narrative. This whole thing really isn't any more ridiculous than Anthony Weiner sending dick pics to random girls on Twitter or David Wu macking on an eighteen-year-old. As such, England wondered how politicians keep getting themselves in these situations.

"If he's gonna run for governor, he should be a little more discreet," said England, only half-joking as he sipped from a brown liquor on the rocks. "This is gonna kill his chances for governor."

Two women sitting near England, though, gave Kinder a ray of hope: They had not heard about the story. But after getting briefed on the details, they snatched that hope right back, pointing to the grip of the narrative.

"I believe the stripper," said one of the women, who said her name was Cinthia ("with an 'I'") Lulu. "I don't believe politicians. Strippers and politicians are both about the same to me. They both take money to climb up the social ladder."

What hurts Kinder (more than his morality and judgment being questioned) might be that his name irrevocably becomes a punchline. Kyle Russell, who is a chef, sat at one of the tables across from the bar and explained why he wouldn't vote for Kinder.

"The woman in the picture looks like a washed-up stripper to me," he said, with a cheeky grin. "And the fact that he's going for her -- I want my politicians like Bill Clinton, with a cigar in one hand and a young and fresh woman in the other. If you're a politician going for old and washed-up women, you're probably gonna go back to old and washed-up policy and we want new and fresh policy!"

Let's hope that Russell becomes somebody's campaign manager one day.

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Russell's comment has wit and humor.  It does make sense...LOL :)


So how much is the RFT getting from Mo Dems to pump a hearsay story about a politician and a stripper/possible prostitute  that is set in the 90's ?  Surely this guy has done something bad in this decade.


FAST FORWARD TO JUNE 11, 2016: The RFT reports today that Tammy Chapman, now more wrinkled and uglier than ever, has established a home for jilted strippers at 6358 Delmar. Publisher Chad Garrison wants her close by so the RFT can continue re-hasing the non-story from 2011 about former Governor Kinder. The good news is that the RFT has broken the Guiness Book of Records for publishing 6,357 articles about the same subject. Way to Go RFT.

Wag The Dog
Wag The Dog

You guys do realize that you fell for a story planted by Kinder's office, right? You do know the real scandal that is covering up beautifully, don't you? Please tell me you know...

Bill Hannegan
Bill Hannegan

I'll bet Tammy Chapman didn't know the price she was going to pay for talking to the media about Kinder. I think the RFT owes it to her to not print the mean comments. From what I've read she has been through a lot of serious health issues and is lucky to still be around. She is getting treated worse now by the RFT than she ever was by Kinder.


Yes of course we know.  In a way, a story about Peter Kinder with a stripper is a blessing in disguise for his camp, to keep the great unwashed from learning his true secret -- all the trips to St. L. on the taxpayer's dime were for the purpose of the GAY Peter Kinder gettin some sugar from his black boyfriend.


Lessons learned: don't bite or nibble the hand that feeds you. This story may have been (or perhaps may still be) able to be parlayed into a cover feature with some more corroborating accounts or information, but I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't want to deal with the RFT afterwards because of this, potshots quoted and reflected on more for entertainment than informing. I also wouldn't be surprised if she took it in stride because she's proven to be relatively strong minded and willed.

I love reading DailyRFT and I disagree with some of Bill's previous comments regarding this story (namely expectations of privacy) but he's got a point here.

Bill Hannegan
Bill Hannegan

I warned her not to read any comments under any story about her and Kinder. But Russel's comment was in the regular story. It should not have been printed.

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